What is Weipa?


Chinese cuisine is very rich and diverse. For example, the Cantonese cuisine uses plenty of seafood, the Hunan cuisine is very seasonal and the Sichuan cuisine is most well-known for its hot and spicy flavor.

However, one thing in common is the unique taste of broth used for various dishes such as fried rice or dumplings.

One Japanese company that had achieved to reproduce this taste is Kouki Shoko which was founded in Nankin-Machi (the China Town of Kobe) in 1953.

Kouki Shoko still has a shop in Nankin-Machi where different Chinese groceries, sweets and seasonings can be found. And of course, there you will find Weipa (the name that Kouki Shoko gave to the seasoning it created to add authentic Chinese flavor to any dish).

Kouki Shoko Weipa Seasoning

But what is exactly Weipa?

Weipa is a versatile Chinese stock used as seasoning for many Chinese dishes and Japanese style Chinese foods such as fried rice, gyoza or soups.

Weipa means "king of taste" and consists of chicken and pork bones extracts, vegetables and spices mixed into a paste.

Kouki Shoko Weipa Seasoning

Weipa is made of chicken and pork bones, vegetables and spices and adds a delicious and authentic Chinese flavor to your dishes.

In Japan is a popular seasoning to make instant soups or add flavour and richness to various dishes.

Soup made with Weipa

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