Yanoen: a historical Teashop in the middle of Osaka

Matcha Restaurants in Osaka

Recently, we discovered a historical teashop and cafe called Yanoen just in the middle of Osaka city. Established as a store in the current location in 1959, and operating as a production and trading tea company since 1836, Yanoen has been run generation after generation by the same family.

One of the things that impact the most, it is that this shop is located in a former granary or storehouse (蔵) which was used before the II World War. Luckily, this building was not destroyed by the air raids that collapsed other parts of the city and now it can be enjoyed as a Cafe. From outside, it is not that obvious that the place was used to store food:

Yanoen Teahouse in Osaka

For going to the former granary, we had to cross the shop where one can purchase high quality tea and other related items. Inside the cafe, you can see a wood made space filled with tables and comfortable seats. Also, there is a large counter where some more guests can seat.

Both businesses, cafe and shop, are run by the same owner so the same high quality tea sold in the shop can be ordered at the Cafe.

Inside Yanoen Teahouse

In this occasion we had; a matcha (green tea) sponge cake filled with cream and sweet azuki beans. And a matcha parfait consisting of soft green tea ice-cream, sweet azuki beans, matcha jelly and some green tea sponge cake as well. The matcha parfait comes with three mochis as side dish; one of them flavoured with hojicha (roasted green tea), another with matcha and last one unflavored.

Japanese Matcha Desserts

Everything was delicious! One of the things that matters when enjoying matcha it is its freshness. Matcha should always be consumed as fresh as possible to enjoy its full rich taste.

How to get there:

Yanoen is located just between Honmachi and Shinsaibashi, in a street parallel to Yotsuhashi-suji and Mido-suji avenues. Easy access from Shinsaibashi, Yotsubashi or even Honmachi stations.

Yanoen Teashop (矢野園):

  • Address:1 Chome-9-11 Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan
  • Tel: 06-6648-8686
  • Opening time:9:00 ~ 17:30
  • Website:http://www.yanoen.com//li>

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