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Hojicha; The Roasted Version of Japanese Green Tea

Hojicha; The Roasted Version of Japanese Green Tea-Japanese Taste

When it comes to Japanese Tea, most of the people would think about green tea or matcha. But recently another type of tea is getting more and more popular here in Japan and probably very soon also abroad.

We are talking about hojicha (sometimes also spelled houjicha) which actually is green tea albeit it looks brown. The reason it looks brown is that hojicha is made by roasting the green tea leaves with strong fire.


Hojicha Tea

Hojicha Tea (Photo by Ujien)

This process makes hojicha a tea with delicate roasting flavors and aromas, as well as brown in color.

In addition, the green tea bitterness taste is reduced as well as the caffeine, making hojicha a tea suitable to drink before sleeping. It also has a refreshing taste so it is recommended to drink after a fatty meal. It is also said that this roasted green tea has anti-bacterial and anti-ageing effects.

On the other hand, the roasting process slightly reduces the vitamin C and tannins on hojicha making it somewhat less healthful, compared to regular green tea, but still worth drinking.

Although, Hojicha has always been close to lives of Japanese people it was rarely used as a food ingredient like for example Matcha. But recently sweets and food containing Hojicha had come popular and you will already find a lot of Hojicha blended products in Japan.

For instance, here below you can see some examples of foods containing roasted green tea;


Hojicha and Matcha Parfaits

Hojicha parfait (on the left side) photo by Ujien


Hojicha Roll Cake with Black Sweet Beans

Hojicha Roll Cake with Black Sweet Beans (Photo by Ujien)


Haagen Dazs Hojicha Latte Ice Cream
Haagen Dazs Hojicha Latte Ice Cream (Photo by Haagen Dazs Japan)


Like in the case of matcha, hojicha is a really versatile ingredient and can be used for sweet, savory or even salty dishes. Actually, in Japan you can already find hojicha onigiri (rice balls) or even hojicha pasta!

But if you are not yet ready to try these innovative dishes you can always easily drink plain hojicha with these roasted green tea sachet bags available on our store:

Itoen Oi Ocha Hojicha Premium Tea 20 Bags


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