Mizuhashi Hojyudo Itsukano Sekken Medical Soap 100g-Japanese Taste

Mizuhashi Hojyudo Itsukano Sekken Medical Soap 100g

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Mizuhashi Hojyudo Itsukano Sekken Medical Soap is aimed at cleansing pores and preventing acne.

Formulated with proteinase enzyme, it cleanses and removes unwanted keratin leading to a clean skin without impurities and darkened pores.

This medicated soap also disinfects the skin and prevents body odor.

Keratin plug or dead skin creates darkened pores over time. 70% of this dirt sebum can be easily removed with the Itsukano Soap and the remaining - more difficult to remove - 30% can be removed with the Mizuhashi Hojudo Emulsion Remover.

The usage of both products is recommended for a perfect cleansing solution.


  • Foamy facial cleanser soap with enzyme lather.
  • Contains minerals that can wash your face by packing with lather.
  • Gentle on the skin since it does not contain petroleum-derived surfactants and other unhealthy additives.
  • No artificial coloring / Fragrance free / No mineral oils / Alcohol free / Paraben free / No unhealthy additives


Make foam on your hands and apply to your face.

Wait about 30 seconds and rinse with water.

❈ For a complete cleansing solution use in combination with the Emulsion Remover and Itsukano cleansing.


  • Contents: 100g
  • Made in: Japan

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