Kanebo is a Japanese cosmetics company that has been operating since 1923. They pride themselves on making cosmetics that are safer than other brands, while still creating products that reflect the latest beauty trends from Japan and overseas. One good example of this is that Kanebo develops innovative new products in collaboration with designers during each of the seasons. Whatever and whenever you purchase Kanebo’s products, you can rely on them for functionality and a cutting-edge design.

Kanebo are known for their best-selling Double Liner, an eyeliner series that has been a huge hit among Japanese consumers, beauty bloggers, and beauty magazines. You may also like their range of eye makeup cosmetics from eyebrow pencils to mascaras because of their strong resistance to water, sebum, and smudging as well as color variation. Try their products to obtain a cool and sharp tone and a sophisticated grown-up appearance.

Other popular products other than the KATE series include the Allie coral reef-safe sunscreens, Suisai powder-type facial washes, and Freeplus sensitive skin-friendly face cleansers.