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  • Sangi Apagard Renamel Home Care Enamel Repair Toothpaste 120g-Japanese Taste

Sangi Apagard Renamel Home Care Enamel Repair Toothpaste 120g

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Sangi Apagard Renamel is an enamel restorative Japanese toothpaste for patients' home use. This home care toothpaste is suitable for removal of white spot lesions, general protective use, orthodontic braces wearers and home bleaching.

Apagard Renamel toothpaste supplies the necessary mineral to restore smoothness and translucency to the enamel, gradually remineralizing white spots, protecting against caries, hypersensitivity and early recurrence of plaque and stains. Moreover, it also creates a smooth, fresh feeling in the mouth that patients can immediately acknowledge.

Apagard Renamel toothpaste contains the maximum levels of nano<mHAP> as well as xylitol, PEG and PVP, for extra anti-caries protection and stain removal.

Renamel nanohydroxyapatite component replaces mineral lost from the enamel surface (including microscopic surface fissures and subsurface lesions and white spots) during clinical procedures such as mechanical tooth cleaning, bleaching and orthodontic work. 

Low foaming type.

Mild mint flavor.

What is Medical Hydroxyapatite nano mHap?

Nano Medical Hydroxyapatite (nano<mHAP>) is a proprietary form of the calcium phosphate compound hydroxyapatite, originally developed by Sangi and clinically approved as an anti-caries ingredient in Japan in 1993. 

Nano<mHAP> is almost the same substance as the hydroxyapatite of our teeth thus it is safe, biocompatible and even edible!

Nano<mHAP> protects and restores tooth enamel in 3 ways:

  1. Collecting and helping to remove plaque: its nanoparticles bind protein such as oral bacteria and plaque fragments during brushing, facilitating their removal from the mouth.
  2. Filling surface fissures: the crystalline calcium phosphate nanoparticles directly replace lost mineral to restore subsurface demineralized areas of tooth enamel (incipient caries) and fill microscopic fissures on the enamel surface.
  3. Remineralizing subsurface demineralized areas (incipient caries): it directly replaces lost mineral to restore subsurface demineralized areas of tooth enamel (incipient caries).

Finally it also relieves tooth sensitivity by filling and coating exposed dentin tubules.

Directions of Use: 

Use twice or three times daily, ideally brushing gently for about 3~5 minutes, and rinse lightly with water after use.

For a maximum effect use the double brushing technique. Using the paste to brush once, then spitting out and applying more paste to brush a second time.



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