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    Japanese Matcha Desserts at Teahouse Yuri [ 茶寮 有里 ] in Osaka

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    Saryou Yuri is a teahouse specialized in Japanese matcha desserts. Teahouse Yuri is located on the 11th Floor of the Daimaru Building in Umeda, Osaka, Japan. Daimaru Umeda is a large department store situated right near JR Osaka Station. This famous department store branch was renovated and re-opened in 2011 and consists of 15 floors.

    Like in any other department store in Japan, the dining section of Daimaru is located on the top floor of the building (14th floor in that case). However, be aware that Teahouse Yuri is located on the 11th floor (right near the bridal's salon).

    Saryou Teahouse Yuri from outside

    As commented, teahouse Yuri specializes in Japanese desserts and concretely in matcha (finely milled green tea powder) flavored desserts.

    In this occasion, we opted for the matcha parfait and matcha kakigori.

    The Matcha Parfait at Teahouse Yuri consists of green tea jelly on the bottom followed by corn flakes, vanilla ice-cream, anko (sweet azuki beans paste), matcha flavored ice-cream and matcha warabimochi. On the top, green tea pudding and a triangle-shaped cookie. Overall a good parfait with many ingredients on it but I particularly found the green tea intensity much lighter than in other places

    Matcha Parfait at Saryou Yuri

    The Matcha Kakigori from teahouse Yuri comes along with anko and regular warabimochi covered with kinako (roasted soy bean flour). Kakigori is a shaved iced flavored dessert, a summer favorite in Japan since it is a very refreshing dessert specially good to eat during the hot days!

    Matcha Kakigori at Saryou Yuri

    Both desserts were served with Japanese tea, which is normally a free complement in Japan but definitely always appreciated.

    Prices at Teahouse Yuri are in line with the market. The parfait was about 900¥ and the kakigori about 800¥.

    Saryou Yuri [茶寮 有里]:

    • Address:3-1-1, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi. Daimaru Umeda Department Store 11F
    • Tel:06-6453-8777
    • Opening time:910:00~20:00