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    Matcha Parfait at Ujien Kissako in Osaka

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    Ujien is a specialized matcha (green tea) company based in Osaka, Japan. They have several shops and cafes mainly in Kansai area but also in other metropolis like Tokyo and Shanghai.

    For a complete list of their branches you can check Ujien's website here (in Japanese):

    Today we will talk about; Ujien Kissako (宇治園喫茶去), one of their tea houses located at Hankyu Sanbangai in Umeda, Osaka. Hankyu Sanbangai is a shopping center annexed to the Hankyu Umeda Railway Station. Ujien Kissako is situated in the basement floor of this mall and looks like this from outside (1):

    Ujien Kissako Hankyu Sanbangai Osaka

    What to eat at Ujien Kissako

    At Ujien Kissako they use the very fresh matcha directly brought from Uji (the renowned town near Kyoto mainly famous for the Byodoin Temple and the production of superior green tea).

    Definitely to use the freshest matcha from Uji as the main ingredient for your products makes the difference. In that sense, here one can feel the intensity and purity of the real matcha taste.

    One of the best selling desserts and our recommendation is the matcha parfait. This six-layer dessert consists of green tea ice-cream, anko (sweet azuki beans paste), dango, corn flakes for that crunchiness, matcha sponge cake, matcha jelly and a tea leaf shaped cookie. Really consistent parfait, not too sweet and with real rich matcha taste!

    Matcha Parfait at Ujien Kissako Hankyu Sanbangai in Osaka


    There is another version of this matcha parfait but made of Hojicha (ほうじ茶) or roasted green tea. Same presentation but with the brown caramel color characteristic of hojicha.

    The price of each parfait is 840¥ with the option to include a drink of your choice for an extra 315¥.

    Besides the parfaits they have other green tea related desserts in the menu. For example, the matcha kakigori (shaved ice) is the best choice in the summer. It comes with shiratama dango, azuki and plenty of matcha! So refreshing and tasty!

    Matcha Kakigori at Ujien Kissako

    This tea house is definitely a good choice if you are around Osaka and want to try real matcha desserts at a fairly price.

    Ujien Kissako [宇治園喫茶去]:

    • Address: 1-1-3 Shibata [Hankyu Sanbangai Shopping Center] Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan
    • Tel: 06-6376-0234
    • Website:



    (1) Ujien Kissako has been reformed and expanded in mid 2017 thus the current shop might look different from the picture. Address remains the same.