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    Matcha Sweets at Tsujirihei Honten in Uji, Kyoto

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    Recently, we went to the beautiful town of Uji in Kyoto Prefecture and visited a traditional tea-house specialized in matcha called Tsujirihei Honten.


    Tsujirihei Honten


    Uji is famous, both in Japan and abroad, for the production of Japanese green tea and for its temples, including the Byodo-in temple which is a recognized World Heritage site.

    Tsujirihei Honten was established in 1860 and is located in a former refurbished tea factory with many traditional Japanese style elements. Just to see the house and gardens is worth a visit.


    Tsujirihei Honten


    The tea-house is divided in two floors. On the basement-floor there is a souvenir and gift shop where different matcha delicatessen as well as other wagashi (Japanese sweets) can be purchased. On the same floor, one can sit and enjoy the different Japanese desserts from the menu.

    On the second-floor there are more rooms mainly for the tea ceremony and other events.

    We sat down on one the seats from the first-floor in front of the garden. There is an old Japanese cherry tree that you can contemplate when eating the delicious desserts. Sadly, it was winter and we could not enjoy the sakura (cherry blossom).

    We ordered 4 different types of Japanese desserts:

    Uji Matcha Mont Blanc


    Montblanc Matcha


    This is a classical dessert reinvented by adding the taste of Uji matcha.

    Uji Matcha Chocolate Cake


    Chocolate Matcha Cake


    Three layers of chocolate and matcha with different textures and flavours.

    Hojicha Parfait


    Hojicha Parfait at Tsujirihei Honten


    As we were commenting in this post, Hojicha is basically roasted green tea which has almost the same health benefits as regular green tea but with less caffeine and bitterness.

    Maybe for this reason, Hojicha is increasingly becoming a serious choice not only as regular tea but also as ingredient for cooking desserts and other dishes.

    At Tsujirihei Honten they used Hojicha to create this wonderful parfait. 

    Uji Matcha Parfait


    Matcha Parfait at Tsujirihei Honten


    This is the matcha green tea version of the previous parfait. Contains the same ingredients but made with rich real Uji matcha.

    From down to top; jelly, crisp flakes, matcha jelly, matcha sponge cake, green tea soft ice-cream, shiratama dango, a matcha chocolate covered chestnut, some azuki anko and a crunchy green tea cookie.

    A truly piece of art!

    Tsujirihei Honten [ 辻利兵衛本店 ]

    • Address: 〒611-0021 京都府宇治市 宇治若森41
    • How to get there: Take JR or Kintetsu train and get off at Uji Station.
    • Website: