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    New Pocky Première Classe Only Available at Narita Airport

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    Pocky the famous Japanese snack brand from Osaka based company Ezaki Glico has launched a new product series only available at one place in the whole world.

    And that place is inside terminal 1 (after passport control) at Narita International Airport. Only people who are about to leave Japan from Narita International Airport will be able to purchase Pocky Première Classe.

    Pocky Premiere Classe


    Première Classe means first class in French. The name wants to emphasize the quality of the ingredients and luxury of this snack.

    This product is aimed at appealing tourists leaving Japan and willing to purchase a unique souvenir.

    This high-end version of Pocky biscuits comes in four variations:

    Pocky Première Classe Chocolate

    Cocoa flavored pretzel sticks covered with rich milk chocolate from Hokkaido.


    Pocky Premiere Chocolate Class


    Pocky Première Classe Matcha

    Cocoa flavored pretzel sticks coated with white chocolate from Hokkaido, Uji matcha and tencha tea. Subtle aroma and pleasant bitterness from matcha.


    Pocky Première Classe Matcha


    Pocky Première Classe Chocolate Case of Cocoa

    The original Pocky stick coated with a blend of deep, rich cacao and light, fragrant cacao. Original cacao bean box.


    Pocky Premier Class


    Pocky Première Classe Pocky Otona No Kohaku can

    Malt flavored salty pretzel sticks covered with bitter chocolate. Pairs well with whiskey. For Adults.