Japanese Taste started in 2015 as a non-profit social media platform that had as objective to spread real Japanese food culture to the world.

Quickly our blog and social media accounts attracted thousands of followers from all over the world interested in Japanese gastronomy and culture. It was one year later, when we also decided to launch an online store where a selection of genuine items from Japan can be purchased.

Later, while delivering content and products we also saw the need of offering services for Japanese food operators.

The idea is that Japanese Taste users can learn about Japanese food, purchase items for replicating what they have learned and even plan their food trip to Japan. All in one site!

We are continuously working to offer more products, services and solutions so new ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Team and Location

We are a multicultural and international team with diverse backgrounds gained from different sectors such as the hospitality, food & beverages, consulting, recruiting and information technology among others. For specific consulting projects we may also collaborate with our associate professionals who are highly specialized in their fields.

Our office and warehouse are based in the second largest metropolitan area of Japan, just right in front of the Osaka Bay and between the two major cities of the area; Osaka and Kobe. Being in this location allows us to be close to our suppliers while quickly deliver our goods to customers.