Irohaya Konpeito Cocoa Flavor Traditional Japanese Sugar Candy 40g


Konpeito is a tiny sugar lump candy that is repeatedly coated with a sugar-based syrup. To produce this snack, the sugar lumps are heated slowly in a large inclined rotating pot called “dora” and by applying the syrup drop by drop, it eventually turns to a ball with many spiky prongs.

This flavor of konpeito is cocoa or chocolate flavor. Real cocoa powder is used and the candy features a sprinkling of it on top too. The balance of natural, bitter cocoa powder and sweet, sugary konpeito ccreates a delicious and warming treat!

Irohaya's confectioners are dedicated to making exceptional konpeito. These crunchy, tasty sweet treats are created in a very involved process that takes 14 days from start to finish. They carefully choose when to apply each layer of liquid sugar, how much to apply, how fast to rotate the dora pot, and at what temperature. All of these processes have been developed over eight decades of candy making.

Konpeito candy has a crunchy texture which makes a distinctive sound every time you chew it. This special candy can be enjoyed by itself, or you can pair it with your tea or coffee, or even add it to plain yogurt or ice cream!

  • Net contents: 40g
  • Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa powder
  • Made in Japan
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