AGF Blendy Stick Royal Milk Tea au Lait Instant Drink 10 Sticks - Japanese Taste

AGF Blendy Stick Royal Milk Tea Instant Drink 10 Sticks

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AGF Blendy Stick Royal Milk Tea. This is a prepared mix made of black tea and milk, very easy and quick to prepare.

Royal milk tea is a very popular tea in Japan which you can enjoy anytime. It is made with Assam and Darjeeling tea leaves and milk.

This ready-to-use instant powdered tea sticks are very convenient to carry away and also very easy to prepare. You will just have to dissolve the solution with hot water.


Boil water with a good kettle. Then in a cup mix one stick of AGF Blendy Royal Milk Tea with 100ml to 160ml of hot water (depending on your taste preferences) and stir well.

Add some ice if you prefer to drink this tea cold.

*Adjust water according to your taste preferences.


  • Contents: 10 sticks x 11g each
  • Made in: Japan

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