AGF Maxim Black In Box Coffee Assortment 50 Servings-Japanese Taste

AGF Maxim Black In Box Coffee Assortment 50 Servings

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This is a set of quality instant coffee, which is individually packed per serving.

The coffee beans are carefully selected and they were roasted with AGF's original technology. 

The coffee liquid is frozen at -40 degrees, and it is powdered and dried in vacuum. In this way, the aroma of coffee can be protected and kept in a bag. 

There are 4 kinds of coffee in this AGF Maxim Black in Box Coffee assortment; Brazil blend, Colombia blend, Mocha blend, and Kilimanjaro blend. 

All imported beans are tested for residual pesticides. 


Dissolve 1 bag of coffee in 140 to 180ml of hot water depending on your preference.

You can also enjoy iced coffee with 70 to 90ml of hot water and some ice. 

Add milk or sugar as you prefer.


  • Contents: 2g × 50 packs (servings)
  • Made in: Japan

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