Amano Foods Freeze-Dried Oyakodon Chicken & Egg Donburi 4 Servings-Japanese Taste

Amano Foods Freeze-Dried Oyakodon Chicken & Egg Donburi 4 Servings

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With Amano Foods freeze-dried oyakodon you can enjoy authentic Japanese Oyakodon (chicken and egg donburi) just by poring some water.

The surprising fact of Amano Foods freeze dried series is that you can actually feel and see how the ingredients "grow" by just pouring boiled water.

The series are popular among all age groups in Japan; from children to elderly people!


  • Freeze dry technique  keeps nutrition, aroma, taste and texture of ingredients very well. 
  • It is very convenient both at home and outdoor since they are very light and easy to prepare.
  • Free of synthetic seasoning.


Prepare rice (Note that rice has to be cooked a part and it is not included on the package).

Put the content of the bag in a small bowl.

Pour 60ml of boiled water and stir well until thickened.

Put the donburi on top of rice.


    • Contents: 4 servings
    • Made in: Japan 

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