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Ands Corporation Atorrege AD+ Moist & Calming Face Mask 5 Sheets

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Ands Corporation Atorrege AD+ Moist & Calming Mask is a medicated facial sheet mask for dry and rough skin that gently suppresses inflammation and hydrates your skin.

Atorrege brand was developed in response to the needs of people with delicate skin.


  • Made of 100% organic cotton sheets to reduce irritation and allergy.
  • Free of paraffinum liquidum, paraben fragrance and coloring. 
  • Allergy Tested (not guaranteeing for not causing any allergy for all the people) and weak acidity. 
  • Prevents inflammation with dipotassum glycyrrhizinate and hydrates skin with Okinawa seaweed extract and Vitamin C derivant.
  • Recommended for people who have sensitive or dry skin. 


Recommended to use 1 - 2 times a week, but you can use it everyday according to your skin condition. 

Take out 1 sheet and open. 

Apply the sheet on your face starting from eyes and mouth. 

Let it stay for 5 - 10 minutes and take out the sheet.

Spread the sebum left on your face. 

Recommended to apply some of your skin care like cream after the face mask. 


  • Contents: 5 Sheets
  • Made in: Japan

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