Be Blanche Whitening Beauty Supplement 150 Capsules-Japanese Taste

Be Blanche Whitening Beauty Supplement 150 Capsules

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Be Blanche supplement is blended with nano sized collagen, hyaluronic acid, albumen peptide and powdered eggshell membrane

The main component of eggshell membrane is protein, which has 18 kinds of amino acids, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.

It is also rich in Cystine, which along with vitamin C suppresses the generation of melanin preventing spots and freckles, leading to a brighter skin.

Main composition (5 capsules):

  • 350mg of Powderd Eggshell Membrane
  • 100mg of Albumen Peptide
  • 500mg of Nano Collagen
  • 60mg of Nano Hyaluronic Acid
  • 20mg of Red Wine Extract(resveratrol5%)


Recommended to take 5 capsules a day with water.

Stop consuming in case you have any abnormal situation. 

Refer to a doctor if you are under medication, pregnant, or are on lactation.


  • Contents: 150 Capsules
  • Manufacturer: Kowaltd Inc.
  • Made in: Japan

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