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Bison Wakilala Armpit Under Arm Clear Wash Scrub 90g

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Bison Wakilala Clear Wash is a cleansing scrub designed for hair-removal from under arms. The fine cleansing powder thoroughly removes dirt and works against unpleasant body odor from armpits.

Wakilala clear wash is specially formulated for visible pores, stacked unwanted hair, and odor of arm-pit.

Clear Wash contains nourishing elements such as papain, grape fruit extract and soflavone that leave the skin soft and smooth.

Excess skin cell results in uneven skin surface and stacked unwanted hair. The large and small round scrubs gently clear out the excess skin cell.


  • Removes dirt and oil from pores which result in unwanted odor.
  • Finishes with refreshing smooth arm-pit.
  • Exfoliating and whitening effects.
  • Disinfects, whitens & removes underarms dark patches and marks.
  • User experience a cooling refreshing sensation after application
  • Suitable for: Breasts, Armpits & Body


Before shower, apply Wakilala Clear Wash on dry underarms and desired areas.

Scrub and massage for about 1- 3 mins when foam turns into a dark compound, rinse off with water.

Follow up with a daily usage of Wakilala Essence for fast whitening and toning result.

Recommended to use 2-4 times weekly.


  • Contents: 90g
  • Made in: Japan

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