Bull-Dog 50% Less Salt All Purpose Semi-Sweet Sauce 170ml-Japanese Taste

Bull-Dog 50% Less Salt All Purpose Semi-Sweet Sauce 170ml

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Bull-Dog Vegetable Fruit sauce is an all purpose semi-sweet Japanese sauce with the best balance of spiciness and mildness to perfectly enrich your favorite dishes.

This is a variation of the original Bull-Dog Vegetable Fruit All Purpose Semi-Sweet Sauce but with 50% less salt.

The texture is thick with rich taste from the umami of vegetables and fruits which perfectly pairs with any Japanese or western dish such as fried fish, omelet, burgers, etc.

This sauce is a bit more spicy than the regular Bull-Dog Tonkatsu Sauce.


  • One of the most popular and long selling sauces in Japan.
  • Full of vegetables and fruits.
  • About 30% of this sauce is vinegar, which has healthy effects on your body.
  • More than 7 kinds of spices are blended with the best balance.
  • Colorant-free, thickener-free, synthetic seasonings-free, artificial sweetener-free, and oil-free.


Simply put the sauce on fried fish, omelet, burger, or any dish you want to enjoy with.

You can also use the sauce for cooking rice, meat and more as you wish.


    • Contents: 170g (6oz)
    • Made in: Japan

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