Canmake Quick Easy Liquid Felt-Tip Eyeliner Cherry Brown-Japanese Taste

Canmake Quick Easy Liquid Felt-Tip Eyeliner Cherry Brown

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Canmake Quick Easy Eyeliner is a Japanese liquid felt-tip eyeliner designed for ease of use that creates simple and smooth eye lines. 

This eyeliner has a 1.65mm slim felt-tip and the right degree of flexibility to ensure a neat and smooth line with complete stability.

The fine tip makes it simple to target the gaps between lashes filling them in neatly. Moreover, it keeps the perfect line for hours on end and it is made with beautifying ingredients and a film-based formulation that washes off easily with warm water.


  • Cherry Brown: A reddish-brown that gives your eyes a sweetly adorable look.
  • Black: A jet black colour with just the right amount of gloss, to sharpen up the contours of your eyes.

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