FANCL Calorie Limit Supplement 120 Tablets-Japanese Taste

FANCL Calorie Limit Supplement 120 Tablets

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FANCL Calorie Limit curbs calorie intake by blocking the digestion of sugar, fats and carbohydrates, and inhibits the increase of blood sugar and neutral fat levels.

This is a great Japanese supplement for guilt-free enjoyment of food!

Now you can enjoy eating out without over-worrying!


  • Contains Gymnema Sylvestre herb extract to balance blood sugar levels.
  • Contains Green Tea Extract and Mulberry Leaf Extract to block the body's absorption of fats, sugar and excess carbohydrates.
  • White Kidney Bean Extract works by inhibiting the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase that it can block carbohydrates before they are absorbed.
  • Preservative-free, artificial color-free and flavor-free


Four tablets up to three times a day before eating.


  • Contents: 120 tablets (lasts 30 days if you follow suggested use).
  • Made in: Japan

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