FANCL Enrich Emulsion Milky Lotion I Light 30ml-Japanese Taste

FANCL Enrich Emulsion Milky Lotion I Light 30ml

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FANCL Enrich Emulsion keeps your skin hydrated, plump and wrinkle-free by wrapping the skin in a rich, concentrated veil, sealing in hydration and beauty components.

This moisturizing skincare milky lotion is part of FANCL's aging care series.

For normal to dry skins check: FANCL Enrich Emulsion Lotion II Moist 30ml


  • Packed with FANCL's original ingredient "Adaptive Collagen" which easy penetrates deep into the skin and strengthens the skin structure.
  • Squalane hydrates and repairs damaged stratum corneum.
  • The emulsion is packaged in a unique, small bottle so that you can finish the product while its still fresh.
  • Free of preservatives, fragrance, pigments, petroleum surfactant, and uv absorbent.


  • Contents: 30ml / 1.01 fl oz
  • Type: I (light) for oily skin
  • Made in: Japan

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