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Feather Hi Shave Moist Shaving Gel 230g

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Feather Hi Shave Moist Gel is a Japanese transparent shaving gel featuring moisturizing ingredients and other components for a smooth and safe shave.


  • Contains 5 kinds of moisturizing ingredients (sodium acetyl hyaluronate, hyaluronic Na, Hydrolytic hyaluronic, coenzyme Q10, and Vitamin A) to leave skin totally moisturized after shaving.
  • Gel-type texture for a better and smooth razor movement.
  • Transparent gel for a better visibility when shaving. 

About the Brand:

Feather is a razor manufacturing company established in 1932 in Osaka and it has the biggest market share of razor parts in the Japanese market.

Directions of Use:

Put water or warm water on your skin to make it moist. Then apply the gel on your skin and rub it well before shaving. Wash the gel away after shaving. 


230g (7.8oz)

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