Flow Fushi LIP38℃ Lip Treatment -2℃ Cool Ice Green-Japanese Taste

Flow Fushi LIP38℃ Lip Treatment -2℃ Cool Ice Green

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Flow Fushi Lip 38℃ is an innovative lip treatment that makes your lips resilient and moisturized while achieving your ideal lip colour, Flow Fushi calls it the 38℃ colour.

A a new way of making your lips beautiful while making them hydrated and resilient.

This is the -2℃ Cool Ice Green: for people who have too strong reddish lips. It makes your lips look healthy and it also matches with any red lip sticks. It can also work as a coating over your lip sticks.

Because each person has different lip colours, Flow Fushi has created 4 other different lip treatments according to the lip characteristics:

  • ±0℃ Clear Crystal: for people who have lips with soberness. It brightens your lips and make them shine.
  • +1℃ Natural Baby Pink; for people who want to achieve a natural and a bit of color. It is also good as a lip treatment before going to the bed.
  • +3℃ Vivid Coral Pink: for people who have lips with lightly pigmented and who want more reddish lips.  It gives your lips healthy warmer color.
  • +5℃ Hot Coral Orange: for people who have lips with sallow pale skin and pigmentation. It makes your lips to have better circulation and brilliant.


  • Blended with "end mineral," which is a natural mineral whose one of the proven characteristics is to improve blood flow.
  • 30 bilions of Lactic Acid Bacteria.
  • Pigmentation-free, and you will have beautiful lips without makeups.
  • UV protection: SPF20 and PA++
  • Fragrance-free


For your bottom lip, slide the stick from the center to the sides.

For your upper lip, slide the slide from the sides to the center. 


  • Contents: 6.5ml
  • Made in: Japan

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