• Flow Fushi Moteliner Liquid Eyeliner - Navy-Black (Nv-Bk)-Japanese Taste

Flow Fushi Moteliner Liquid Eyeliner - Navy-Black (Nv-Bk)

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Flow Fushi Moteliner is a Japanese multi-functional liquid eyeliner that offers premium application.

Choose among 4 different shades:

Black / Brown-Black / Brown / Navy-Black


  • Has an ergonomic octagonal handle that fits the fingers, allowing steady, stable application.
  • The brush was invented by a Kumano brush maker and it has 4 different types of bristles of varying quality and coarseness.
  • Made with a pigment that doesn't stain the skin, protecting skin from discolouration.
  • Resistant to sweat, water, sebum, and tears.
  • It keeps its fresh finish in the morning for hours.
  • It is fast-drying, and good for layering.
  • It can be removed with warm water easily.


  • Shade: Navy-Black
  • Made in: Japan

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