Flow Fushi Saisei Sheet Mask Lip Zone 2 Sheets-Japanese Taste

Flow Fushi Saisei Sheet Mask Lip Zone 2 Sheets

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Flow Fushi has created this innovative mask for lips and mouth called Saisei Sheet Mask.

Saisei means rejuvenating, and each mask has special prints with colorant of their unique beauty component "End Mineral" at high concentration.

There are 3 different types of masks focusing on each different parts and areas of the face.

This one is for lip zone and it has many colorant prints around mouth


  • The colorant is printed on spots where people normally need more concentrated skin care. 
  • The colorant is blended with "end mineral," which has high concentrated minus ion, and is a natural mineral whose one of the proven characteristics is to improve blood flow.
  • The firts layer of mask contains "La Flora" which is a cosmetic ingredient made with lactic acid bacterium. The mask has 50 billion lactic acid bacterium, which supports the skin to be hydrated by its own ability.  
  • It has an innovative sheets with better ability of attachment and it helps the beauty components to penetrate better. It is stretchable and comfortable.
  • Each sheet is packed separately and sterilised. 
  • With both emulsion and oil, it keeps hydrating effect even after you take off the mask as the beauty components penetrate well in the skin. 
  • Free of paraben, alcohol, coloring, artificial fragrance, fluorescence agent, gluten, and silicon.
  • The aroma of natural essential oils, rose and geranium. 


Recommended to use twice a week at night after washing face. 

Stretch the mask holding the temple parts. Apply on the upper part of the face making sure the colorant printings are on the outside. 

Stretch the mask holding the cheek parts. Apply on the lower part of the face. Let the mask stay on your face for 15 minutes. It is time to take it off when the mask starts getting dry. 

You will see some emulsion left on your skin when you take off the mask. Spread the emulsion on your face as you gently massage. 


  • Contents: 2 mask sheets
  • Made in: Japan

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