Glico Pocky Adult Amber & Goddess Ruby Box Set - Japanese Taste

Glico Pocky Adult Amber & Goddess Ruby Box Set

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This is a special edition of Pocky featuring Glico Pocky Adult Amber and Glico Pocky Goddess Ruby inside a nice and elegant box.

Pocky "Adult Amber" contains malt extract inside the dough and is made to match perfectly with whiskey. 

Pocky "Goddess Ruby" contains cheese, black Pepper, and clove and pairs perfectly with wine.

Perfect Japanese snack to share with someone special or give as a gift!


  • Little bit of salty taste on the surface of Pocky that makes better chemistry with whisky.
  • Special characteristic of whiskey aroma around chocolate that blends into whisky. 
  • Allergic ingredients : milk, flour, and soy beans. 


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