• Higashimaru Karushio Dashi Stock with Soy Sauce Low-Sodium 400ml-Japanese Taste

Higashimaru Karushio Dashi Stock with Soy Sauce Low-Sodium 400ml

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Higashimaru All-Purpose Japanese Dashi Stock has been developed in collaboration with the National Cardiovascular Center with the aim to achieve a healthy stock with low levels of sodium.

Effectively it has less salt than most of the other instant dashi soup stocks in the market yet, it has a rich and deep taste from the soy sauce, katsuobushi (bonito flakes) and konbu (kelp).

Low-salt and free of synthetic seasoning.

Special bottle that keeps the contents fresh for 90 days after opening.


You can use it for various cooking by simply adding it as a seasoning.

You can also put on salads as a dressing or a sauce.

For making soup: Boil 200ml of water in a pot with 2 tea spoon full of the dashi (about 10ml) and any ingredients of your choice.


  • Contents: 400ml 
  • Made in: Japan

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