House Ukon no Chikara Granulated Turmeric Supplement 1.5g x 30P-Japanese Taste

House Ukon no Chikara Granulated Turmeric Supplement 1.5g x 30P

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House Ukon no Chikara supplement supports your health and energy.

This Japanese supplement contains curcumin and turmeric to support your energy and health.

Popular remedy to prevent and treat hangovers! Just take one sachet of Ukon no Chikara before going to party and let the cure take care of you. On the other hand, if you already have hangover Ukon no Chikara will also help you reducing its annoying effects.


  • Each stick contains 30mg of curcumin, 400μg of rare and unique Bisacuron, and 4 kinds of vitamin B are added.
  • The taste is mild.
  • Packed in a small and convenient sachet to carry around in your pocket or bag.


Recommended to consume 1 pack a day with water before drinking. You can also melt them in your mouth without water.

Please consult to a doctor for consuming this product if you are under medication or are pregnant.


  • Contents: 1.5g x 30 sachets
  • Made in: Japan

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