Ichida Gaki Ishi Gaki Premium Japanese Dried Persimmon 800g-Japanese Taste

Ichida Gaki Ishi Gaki Premium Japanese Dried Persimmon 800g

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Ichida Gaki are a superior quality dried persimmons from Minami Shinshu region in Nagano prefecture, Japan.

The cultivation of persimmon in this area has continued for more than 500 years and became Geographical Indication in 2016.

Ichida Gaki has a fine texture and a sweet taste that spreads in the mouth, a light brown color and a soft, chewy flesh. In addition, to the qualities of raw Ichida persimmon, thorough drying and proper kneading are also important.

Dried persimmon are a healthy food full of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, dietary fiber and abundant nutrients. This dried fruit is positioned as a high class Japanese confection.


  • Net weight: 800g
  • Made in: Japan


❈Seasonal product only sold from December to February.

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