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    Itoen Certified Organic Catechin Green Tea Powder 40g, Japanese Taste


    Itoen Certified Organic Catechin Green Tea Powder 40g


    This is a powdered green tea made from 100% JAS certified Organic tea leaves.

    Mix this powder with the water, and you can simply take all the green tea nutrition including catechins and natural phenol antioxidant.

    The tea is produced in a few specific tea fields using natural processes to create a sustainable tea crop.

    You can even drink the powder left in the bottom of a cup since it is very nutritious.

    You can enjoy about 40 cups per bag (converted into 1g/200ml).

    Add coffee-spoonful (approximately 1g) of tea powder into 200ml of hot or cold water. Add additional spoonful of powder if you wish to have a thicker tea.

    Mix well until the powder is dissolved.

    • Certification: JAS Certified Organic
    • Net contents: 40g
    • Made in Japan
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