• Itoen Konbucha Kelp Tea 70g-Japanese Taste

Itoen Konbucha Kelp Tea 70g

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Itoen Konbucha is made with dried and then powdered Japanese Konbu (Kelp seaweed).

Unlike normal teas, Konbu Kelp Tea is normally sold in powdered form since it is not made from normal tea leaves but seaweed.

Kelp tea warms you up if you drink it, and makes your dish tasty if you use it as a seasoning for cooking.

This tea is made with kelp grown and collected in Hidaka, Hokkaido, Japan.


Take two tea spoon full of Kelp Tea and mix into 100cc of hot water.  Stir well so it dissolves.

You can use it as a seasoning in order to add Umami taste to your favorite Japanese food dishes.

Example: You can sprinkle on top of sashimi, make soup base by mixing with hot water, some soy sauce, and mirin. Or you can simply mix with white rice and make rice bowl or eat as it is.


  • Contents: 70g
  • Made in: Japan

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