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    Itofu Couverture Chocolate Wheat Gluten Snack 25g (Pack of 6), Japanese Taste
    New Arrival


    Itofu Couverture Chocolate Wheat Gluten Snack 25g (Pack of 6)


    If you’re looking for a new Japanese snack that’s a bit healthier, then you need to check out these innovative chocolate-covered Fu snacks from Itofu! What is Fu? Fu, or Japanese wheat gluten is typically added to soups, where it acts almost as a crouton, soaking up all the good flavor. However, Itofu has changed the game with this unique snack. 

    Small pieces of Fu are deep-fried to golden brown perfection to have the ultimate crunch. They are then coated in a luscious chocolate to make the ultimate sweet treat. However, these particular chocolate-covered Fu are so special because they’re flavored with high-quality chocolate. 

    The chocolate is rich, creamy, and not overly sweet. It’s the perfect snack for chocolate lovers! 

    Itofu has been working with fu (Japanese wheat gluten) in Kyoto for decades. They’re proud of their product, and of preserving the traditional manufacturing process to ensure it is the best, most traditional fu that money can buy..

    Itofu’s fried wheat gluten snacks combine all of the fantastic, natural nutrition from authentic Japanese fu with the crunch and flavor of a modern snack. If you’re looking for your new favorite Japanese snack, then Itofu has got you covered!

    • Contents: Pack of 6 Bags
    • Net weight (per bag): 25g
    • Ingredients: Chocolate, wheat gluten, cocoa butter, cocoa powder, fragrance
    • Made in Japan
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