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Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Babyish Precious Sheet Mask Plumping 5P

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Kose Cosmeport Clear Turn Babyish Precious oil-in-milky mask is a Japanese facial sheet type mask containing specially selected precious oils to deliver luxurious hydration deep into the stratum corneum.

The blend of virgin coconut oil, argan oil and baobab oil will leave your skin highly hydrated and soft.

This plumping type mask features double collagen, honey, amino acids and GL Moisturizer.

Other types:

  • Moisturizing: features double hyaluronic acid, lipidure, amino acids and GL Moisturizer.
  • Whitening: formulated with double vitamin C derivatives, saxigrafa sarmentosa extract and amino acids with GL moisturizer.


  • Contains ingredients that act like a veil, for highly hydrated baby skin.
  • Made of Bemliese®, a non-woven fabric that adheres closely to your face and makes hydration penetrate quickly to skin. 
  • Fragrance-Free, No coloring, Mineral oil-free, Non-alcohol, Silicon free, Surfactant-Free, Weak Acid.


After cleansing, take 1 mask, extend it and apply on the face.

Leave it for 10 minutes.

Apply emulsion & cream after use.

Recommended to use 1 or 2 times a week.


    • Contents: 5 Sheet Masks
    • Made in: Japan

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