Kose Kokutousei Premium Perfect Gel Cream 100g-Japanese Taste

Kose Kokutousei Premium Perfect Gel Cream 100g

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Kokutousei Premium Perfect Gel Cream is an extreme moistursing all-in-one gel that combines 7 functions in one product.

Contains pure Japanese botanical oils and other moisturizing ingredients such as fermented black sugar extract, super hyaluronic acid, black rice extract and glycerin.


  • Selected botanical oils; job's tears oil, tea seed oil, brown rice germ oil, safflower oil and perilla oil.
  • Fermented black sugar extract locks moisture deep into the skin.
  • Vitamin-packed beauty serum capsules; as you massage the product into your skin the capsules break and release the serum.
  • 7 functions; toner, milk, beauty serum, cream, beauty oil, face mask, massage lotion.
  • Weak acidity, color free, mineral oil free.


Take around 2-3 pearl-sized drops on your fingertips after washing your face. Place them in 5 points - chin, cheeks, nose and forehead - and spread evenly across the skin, working them into your skin.

If you are particularly concerned about dryness, it is effective to use a large amount for massages or as a pack.


  • Contents: 100g
  • Made in: Japan

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