Kouki Shoko Premium Weipa All-Purpose Chinese Seasoning 250g - Japanese Taste

Kouki Shoko Premium Weipa All-Purpose Chinese Seasoning 250g

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This is a premium version of Weipa, which is a popular Japanese style Chinese seasoning to add to soups, fried rice (or chahan) and other stir-fried foods.

Weipa means "king of taste" and contains fresh vegetables, chicken and pork extracts and other spices that adds a rich taste and aroma to any dish.

This Japanese style Chinese soup stock and seasoning was first developed in the China town of Kobe in Japan.


  • Premium Weipa has 1.7 times more of pork and chicken extract and vegetable powder than normal Weipa
  • Natural mild and umami taste.
  • Maximizes the taste of ingredients themselves.
  • Free of synthetic components.


For making soup, put 10g of Weipa into 600cc of boiling water with ingredients of your choice. You can add salt if you prefer.

For stir-frying, you can fry ingredients with Weipa. Add Weipa until it gets to the taste of your preference.  It's easier to add Weipa if you dissolve it into water first.


  • Contents: 250g
  • Made in Japan 

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