Kunitaro Organic Powdered Ryokucha Green Tea 50g - Japanese Taste

Kunitaro Organic Powdered Ryokucha Green Tea 50g

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Tasty, safe, and very easy to prepare JAS certified organic ryokucha (Japanese green tea) from Kagoshima, Japan.

You can enjoy this authentic Japanese green tea from Kunitaro brand just by dissolving the powder into cold or hot water.

Great bright green color and strong taste and aroma.


Prepare 150 - 180 cc of water or hot water in a tea cup.

Put 0.3g - 0.5g ( 1/3 to 1/2 of tea spoon) of the green tea powder.

Stir well when the powder is completely sunk, stir well.

When you make a big quantity of tea, put 1 - 1.5 spoon full of tea powder into 1 litter of the water.


  • Contents: 50g (about 100 cups servings)
  • Made in: Japan

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