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Kurakon Salted Konbu Seaweed 60g

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Kurakon Konbu seaweed can be used as ingredient for cooking or even for eating as snack.

Konbu is a healthy Japanese seaweed with low calories (4.3kcal / 3g) and lots of nutrients. Concretely, it has 6 times more calcium than milk, plenty of fiber, and high amount of iodine.

Kurakon is a seaweed company with nearly 100 years of history in Japan.


  • 100% Japanese konbu: seaweed grown in Hokkaido, Japan. 
  • Carefully boiled and cooked with quality soy sauce. 
  • Konbu has plenty of umami, which even increase by cooking with certain ingredients like, pork, shiitake mushroom, or bonito flakes. 


You can eat as it is.

You can eat with rice (simply sprinkle on top of rice), cook with vegetables, meat, fish, of noodles. 


  • Contents: 60g
  • Made in Japan

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