Lululun Pink Facial Sheet Mask Balanced Moisturizing 7 Sheets-Japanese Taste

Lululun Pink Facial Sheet Mask Balanced Moisturizing 7 Sheets

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This is a facial sheet mask from one of the most popular face mask brands Lululun. This lululun mask moisturizes your skin with a good balance, so it is thought for people who have dry skin and at the same time excess of oil in some skin parts.

It also hydrates your skin while it supports the potential function of skin barrier. 

Lululun suggests you "to mask lotion" everyday instead of putting it on with your hands. So they offer big quantities of face masks at reasonable prices. This small pack is for trying the first 7 days. 

There is a big pack of Lululun Balanced Moisturizing also. 


  • Circular type of  hyaluronic acid from microbe in a salt lake of Egypt keeps the skin hydrated and supports barrier function of skin.
  • Glucooligosaccharides fix damaged skin conditions and supports generation of beauty skin. 
  • Free of fragrance, coloring, alcohol and paraffinum liquidum. 
  • Mask itself is very thick made with 3 layers. It fits on your face and contains plenty of lotion.


After washing your face, spread the mask on your face for 5 - 10 minutes.

Take off the mask and you can pat the lotion left on your face. 


  • Contents: 7 sheets
  • Made in: Japan

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