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Lululun Precious Red Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask 7 Sheets

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One of the most popular face mask brands Lululun introduces a daily facial sheet mask for skin concerning fine lines.

This mask highly moisturizes your skin with 4 kinds of rice derived ingredients, 3 kinds of Japanese origin plant derived components, and 2 kinds of aging skin care moisturizers. 

Lululun suggests you "to mask lotion" everyday instead of putting it on with your hands.  So they offer big quantities of face masks at reasonable prices. This small pack is for trying first 7 days. 

There is a big pack of Lululun Precious Red also. 


  • 4 kinds of rice derived ingredients; oil, ceramide, rice bran extract, rice extract.
  • 3 kinds of Japanese plant derived components; camellia, sake lees, and Japanese plum extracts.
  • 2 kinds of aging skin care moisturizers; yeast and quince seed extracts.
  • Free of fragrance, coloring, and paraffinum liquidum. 
  • Mask itself is very thick made with 3 layers. It fits on your face and contains plenty of lotion.


  • After washing your face, spread the mask on your face for 5 - 10 minutes.
  • Take off the mask and you can pat the rest of lotion on your face. 


  • Contents: 7 sheets
  • Made in: Japan

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