Mizkan Chirashi Sushi Mix Set 4 Servings-Japanese Taste

Mizkan Chirashi Sushi Mix Set 4 Servings

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With this Mizkan prepared mix you can easily make tasty Japanese Chirashi Sushi by just adding the contents and other toppings you like to the rice.

Chirashi Sushi is a kind of sushi where you sprinkle toppings like sashimi on top of vinegared rice instead of making shapes or rolls.

This set contains sushi vinegar and vegetable ingredients that should be mixed to the rice.

You can also use this mix to make maki-sushi (sushi rolls) instead of Chirashi Sushi. 


  • Very easy and tasty Sushi mix with a bag of sushi vinegar and another bag of vegetable ingredients separately packed. 
  • Produced by Mizkan, a sauce and vinegar manufacturing company with more than 200 years of history.
  • You need to prepare only 2 things, just rice and any toppings you like such as sashimi, nori seaweed, egg omelette, etc.


For 2 people: 

  • Prepare c500g of cooked warm rice and take out 1 bag of vinegar and 1 bag of vegetable ingredients from the package. 
  • Put the rice in a big bowl, and add the bag of vinegar. Mix very well. 
  • Add the bag of vegetable ingredients and mix again. 
  • Wait until the rice gets cooled down and add toppings and decorate the sushi. 

You can add, fresh fish, cooked eggs, avocados, sesames or nori seaweed.


  • Contents : 1 bag of of Sushi Vinegar and 1 bag of mixed ingredients for 4 servings in total
  • Made in: Japan

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