Mizkan Shiro Dashi Professional Taste 500ml-Japanese Taste

Mizkan Shiro Dashi Professional Taste 500ml

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Mizkan Shiro Dashi adds umami (savoriness) and saltiness to any dish without changing the color of food or ingredients.

Made with high quality ingredients such as chicken broth, bonito flakes and kombu seaweed.

This light color Japanese dashi will turn the taste and appearance of your dishes like the ones cooked by a professional!


To use as dashi stock for noodles like Japanese Udon; dilute the Mizkan Shiro Dashi with 10 times more quantity of water than the dashi you use. 

You can also cook vegetables, meat or nabe (hotpot) with this soup. In that case, dilute it with 12 times more water.


  • Contents: 500ml / 16.9oz
  • Made in: Japan

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