Nisshin Sanuki Dried Udon Noodles 250g-Japanese Taste

Nisshin Sanuki Dried Udon Noodles 250g

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Sanuki dried udon noodles are made with very simple ingredients; flour and salt.

You can enjoy the authentic Japanese Udon noodles with a chewy texture.  


  • It is dried noodles so you can storage them in room temperature. 
  • The flour is carefully choosen for making Udon.
  • It is made in a factory in Kagawa, where Udon is famous for.
  • Sanuki Udon is one of the most popular kind of udon in Japan, which originate in Kagawa. 


Boil 1 litter of water for 100g of noodles.

When the water is boiled, put the noodles and cook for 13 minutes.

After 13minutes, drain the water and wash the noodles quickly with cold water. (If you are eating the noodle with hot soup, you can warm the noodle with warm water again after washing).

Enjoy the udon with toppings and dashi soup of your choice.


  • Contents: 250g
  • Made in Japan

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