Nissin Chicken Ramen Japanese Instant Noodles 85g

Nissin Chicken Ramen Japanese Instant Noodles 85g

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Chikin Ramen is the world´s first Japanese instant noodles produced by Nissin Foods since 1958.

Nissin recently innovated this instant noodles, making a hole (pocket) on the noodles for putting an egg. If you break an egg into the noodle, the pocket can keep the yolk and white nice and separately.

Delicious broth made with Japanese chicken and vegetables.

Long-selling product loved for more than 60 years.


Put the noodles into a bowl. Pour 400ml of boiled water and close the bowl. Wait for 3 minutes. Its ready to eat.

You can also cook the noodle in a pot with 450ml of boiling water for 1 minute.

You can add an egg or other toppings like sesame, green onions and more as you like.

When you add an egg, add before you close the bowl. If you do not like half raw egg, you can cook scrambled egg in a pan with the noodle like in the picture.


  • Contents: 1 serving (85g)
  • Made in Japan

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