• Nissin Donbei Kakiage Tempura Udon Instant Noodles 87g-Japanese Taste

Nissin Donbei Kakiage Tempura Udon Instant Noodles 87g

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Nissin Foods has made easier than ever to eat authentic Japanese Udon noodles with the Donbei Kakiage Tempura Udon instant noodles.

A simple and easy way to eat Udon noodles with real Japanese broth and kakiage tempura. 

Authentic and rich flavor. And simple and easy preparation.


Open the lid half-way and remove the seasoning and soup powder packets.

Open the packet, pour the soup powder in the cup, and carefully add hot water in the middle of the cup up to the line.

Close the lid for 5 minutes and gently stir the noodles.

Finally, add the seasonings. 


  • Net weight: 87g
  • Made in: Japan

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