Nissin Gorotto Premium Granola Uji Matcha 500g-Japanese Taste

Nissin Gorotto Premium Granola Uji Matcha 500g

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Enjoy the rich taste of Matcha and get all the energy and fiber needed during the day with Gorotto Premium Granola Matcha.

This crunchy granola contains premium ingredients such as barley, selected dried strawberries, azuki red beans and soy milk cubes, all enriched with real Japanese green tea powder from Uji in Kyoto prefecture.


  • Contains Barley, which is a high source of fiber.
  • Contains real Uji Matcha, regarded by many as the finest green tea in Japan, which adds a high-class quality to the breakfast cereal.
  • The soy milk cubes are flavored with powdered Japanese green tea.
  • Also included are some whole azuki beans, dried strawberries, oats, puffed rice...


  • Contents: 500g
  • Made in: Japan

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