Raffine Perfect One Moisture All-in-One Gel 75g-Japanese Taste

Raffine Perfect One Moisture All-in-One Gel 75g

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Raffine Perfect One Moisture is a Japanese all-in-one gel containing more than 50 beauty ingredients to moisturize dry skin and make wrinkles less visible.

The gel features highly moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, hylauronic acid, inositol, rice extract and collagen EX, compounds that penetrate into each layer of the skin for maximizing the hydrating effect.

This product is free of synthetic aromas, artificial colorants and paraben.


  • This gel has 6 functions; lotion, milk, cream, serum, mask, and make up base.
  • Non greasy texture and has a gently feel on the skin.
  • Contains orange an chamomile essential oils.
  • It can also be used on other parts of the body like hands where wrinkles are often easy to detect.  


After washing the face in the morning, apply on your skin.

When you feel you have a dry skin, you can apply again at night before going to the bed. 


  • Contents: 75g (2.64oz) + Spatula
  • Made in: Japan 

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