Shiseido Aqualabel White Up Lotion Moist 200ml-Japanese Taste

Shiseido Aqualabel White Up Lotion Moist 200ml

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Shiseido Aqualabel white up lotion is a Japanese whitening toner that moisturizes and at the same time prevents pigmentation.

This whitening toner contains Shiseido's exclusive whitening ingredient, M-Tranexamic Acid which effectively prevents the problem of pigmentation and helps to clear up uneven and dull skin tone caused by environmental factors.

It also helps removing dead skin cells and make-up residue.

After applying this toner your skin will be well prepared for the application of other products.

3 types available according to your skin type:

· I (Light): light, watery texture for normal to oily skin.

· II (Rich): rich, smooth texture for normal to dry skin.

· III (Extra Rich): extra moisturising formulation for dry to very dry skin.


  • Tranexamic acid inhibits the activation of melanocytes and prevents skin roughness.
  • M-tranexamic acid is a quasi-drug active ingredient originally developed by Shiseido and approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health.
  • Whitening and hydrating effect.
  • Gives you a transparent and bright result for rosy glow.


Use it after cleansing.

Saturate a cotton pad and gently wipe your face.


  • Contents: 200ml
  • Type: Moist (II)
  • Made in: Vietnam

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