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    Shiseido Haku Melano Shield Medicated Whitening Mask 30ml x 1pc-Japanese Taste


    Shiseido Haku Melano Shield Medicated Whitening Mask 30ml x 1pc


    Shiseido Haku Melano Shield Medicated Mask is a whitening facial mask containing moisturizing and whitening ingredients that eradicate melanin, creating a sense of brightening as soon as the mask is removed. 

    Brightening cosmetic products help to control the formation of melanin and prevent pigmented spots and freckles from occurring.

    Prepare skin with face lotion before using. Open the package with dry hands and take out one mask at a time. First apply mask 1 (upper), then apply mask 2 (lower).

    Take out mask 1 (upper) and unfold it. Position the holes around the eyes before spreading the mask over the forehead. Let the mask adhere to the skin, paying particular attention to the sides of the nose.

    Take out mask 2 (lower) and unfold it. Hold both sides from the top. Position the hole around the mouth and let the mask adhere to the skin toward the temples by spreading it along the face line and the sides of the nostrils, as shown in the illustration. (Overlap the two masks on the cheeks and temples where pigmented spots are likely to occur.)

    After approximately 10 minutes, remove the mask and smooth in the remaining beauty serum.

    • Contents: 1 mask
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