Shiseido Harahachi Shukan Diet Support Supplement 60 Capsules-Japanese Taste

Shiseido Harahachi Shukan Diet Support Supplement 60 Capsules

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Shiseido Harahachi Shukan Supplement has been developed based on the Japanese concept of harahachibunme which means to eat moderately without being full 100% (i.e. stop eating up to your 80% of stomach filled).

It is proved that Harahachibunme has a healthy effect on your body.

Shiseido Harahachi Shukan Supplement contains 2 natural and effective components; Yeast Peptide and Bifidobacteria that will improve your habit of diet. 


  • Free of coloring, fragrance, and preservation.
  • Yeast Pepitde (DNF-10) makes it easier to feel full and helps you avoid overeating.
  • The unique type of the bifidobacterias in this supplement reach to your bowel while some bifidobacterias are weak with acid and the do not reach to bowel.
  • In 2 capsules, there are 250mg of Yeast Peptide and 6 billion of bifidobacteia.
  • The capsules are made to keep good environment for those bifidobacterias.


Take 2 capsules a day with water without chewing. 


  • Contents: 60 capsules for 30 days
  • Made in Japan

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